Loving My Life And Other Stories NEW BLOG.By Aerobabe619

Starting now I will be under this blog.Please follow along as I adventure into my second phase of life.Turning 50,the big move,another wedding.The life of a long time PHILLY girl.Moving south,Yes mam,I’m moving to Mississippi. Lots of animals,huge veggie and fruit garden,acres compared to a town house.How will I adjust to all that privacy.

Enjoy the story as we move,as I’m sure this bunch of adult kids,will do something to start chaos.In Mississippi.My future son-in-law,says as we are getting ready to go home ” somebody’s door is open” I reply “Yes Nate,it’s me.I’M NOT EVEN IN THE CAR “!As he starts to pull away.Wonder how he would explain to my daughter,he left her disabled mom,in 90 degree weather in a Lowe’s parking lot .

So,hold onto your hats it should be interesting.I also will be writing posts on music,sports,art and pets.I have a new area called “being yourself”,that will run once a month. AND I PROMISE it won’t have a lot about my granddaughter Layla,but after 8 months of being very sick with kidney issues,she is improving,trying to catch up,so heart warming and some funny.

Hope to see you.
much love.