I Need A Hand To Hold (Poetry) By @Aerobabe619

I need a hand to hold.
To give me strength,as i grow old.
And guide me down the right road.
I need a hand to hold.

I need a heart to love
To hold my hands.
Make no demands.
I need a heart to love.

I need a partner in soul
That will make feel whole.
That when i need help ,he won’t fold.
I need a partner in soul.

I need to have someone to kiss.
For when we see a falling star,we can make a wish.
He tenderly loves me ,as if i was a china dish
I need someone to kiss.

I need a partner for life
I don’t need to be a wife
but has wisdom as sharp as a knife.
I need a partner for life.                                    


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A Bundle Of Happiness. (LESSONS OF LOVE)By@ Aerobabe619

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Layla Rae is my 9 month old granddaughter.She was born with kidney issues.Was very small,still is at 13lbs.But what amazes me is. No matter how sick she tries with all she has to be joyful,thankful and glows.

She makes me think,Before i complain.She is into music.FleetwoodMac her favorite.Listening to people read,watching me paint and create miniatures.

For such a tiny baby she is intelligent. All we could ask for.

Thank you,My Lord for such a blessing.

If I Ever Love Again.By @Aerobabe619 (poetry)

Being young,i was nieve

wore my heart on my sleeve.

Trust not a second thought.

Never thought love was bought.


One day i sat in my seat

At a white vanity,

made by hand of lovers sweat.

But i thought

who am i?

I forget.

I had morphed into his clay.

No longer,full of life and play.

Trust,what was that.

Lies told as if were facts.


Now single again,and alone.

alot older now,but full grown.

Walls built and full of cracks.

Want to love and be loved back.


Only though this time you see.

I have gotten to meet me.

I know what is wrong and right.

Will stay that way,till my last goodnite.

Music,art.books and love

I’m so much more plus up above.

If you think you can break my walls.

I will love forever,and above it all.

Fire Ants,Snakes,Tornadoes ,Welcome To Your New Home. By@Aerobabe619

Image Now the picture to the left,my son-in-law to be,riding the baby on one of the horses.Awe how pretty.So serine and the smells of all the flowers. What you don’t see out of this picture is me,washing myself down with a five gallon bottle of bug off.I had mosquito bite the size of quarters.

The top of my feet,ankles and toes covered with fire ant bites that puss up,swell and turn red and itch like crazy. I have two huge gaping wounds on the back of both legs,from getting out of the RV.I’m short and it’d a drop.So the sunburn is down to a light fire red.Even though I used spf 1000. I’m just that way.But here’s the kicker.I had my hair dyed a light burnette.and came home a blonde.Even though I didn’t dye t down there.

I will admit i need to adjust to the climate,the critters (animal and man). But it’s so worth the privacy,the fun and the life we will live. So next trip 10 gallon bucket of skin so soft,hat,sun glasses,and just a fire bomb to kill those fire ants.

Oh,don’t hang your clothes out,and forget to bring them in at night.There is a goat somewhere wearing a nice pink,old navy shirt of mine.Hope he or she enjoys
I also asked my son-in-law about storm protection. “My dad never gets that much damage here”.As 72 hours later tornadoes destroy and 16 people are killed. My dear boy a storm bunker will be in place before my philly toe moves one inch. Also thank you for showing me seven different snakes,and their dens etc. I feel so warm and fuzzy now.Knowing just the spots.

Hope to see you soon

Lots of love

Why Did I Save This? Holding Onto Your Past. By Aerobabe619

So,old boxes

I decided I needed to lighten my load. I have boxes everywhere,the shed,the attic,my room,the utility room.I needed to get rid of “junk”. I giggle as I write this. “Excuse me,none of my stuff is junk”,is the last sentence i said to my daughter Cheyenne.She has been going through her stuff for months.She approached me and asked me to start mine. I said the above and I heard a manic laugh as she went down the steps.

Figured I would start with my bedroom,I knew the other areas are going to prove difficult. So the first box was concert stuff..HELL YEAH! Now that’s what im talking about. I perk up and start looking at ticket stubs,pictures,seat number covers,guitar picks I caught at the Global Warming tour,Steven Tyler’s harmonica,and then I see in the box a red sock and a pair of light blue panties?? What?? Now I have gotten a little eehh,impaired at concerts.
But never to the point,I’m undressing. I sat there,and looked at pics from concerts.I’m so confused,why are they in this box? I tried and tried and could not figure it out. So in the trash went these items.

Pull out the next box,books of favorite musicians. And copy books of poetry, those little cards you get when someone sends you flowers.They all got thrown out, Love letters..Oh these I will have to wait and go through,it will take days,so I put everything I’m not sure of in a big container. The boxes are getting smaller,trash bags fuller. Why do we save things? A diet Pepsi box that I wrote a note on,and my youngest wrote “I lobveee you mommeee” at about 4. A ripped to shreds T-shirt ,(aerosmith). Still thinking about the sock,I recalled the 9 lives tour,and did wear red socks..

I have collars from pets that have passed,hats from friends and loved ones that have passed,why am I carting all this around? I will always have them in my heart.So that box went. My closet is very clean now,so when I hit the attic ( God help me) I should be able to get rid of all those napkins I saved,with poetry I wrote on them,I have the poetry printed nice. 199 roles of unprinted film..yikes! Half of railroad tracks from a train set,we no longer have,3 broken dvd players, two foot soakers I can’t use. I think we hold onto stuff,because we still have some control.But I’m tired of living in the past.It’s time to let the ghosts go,and let in the new .
As each box goes, here’s to breaking down the walls.
And building my new life. First thing i’m putting in my new memory box?
A letter to myself congratulating on growing up and who i have become.All i have accomplished and hope to still do. I also know so much of Layla will be put away,her first everything.
I will never regret ,because it leads to lessons learned,love felt and memories made.But it is so time for new ones.
Hope to see you soon
Lots of love