Modern Technology, Now We Are A Bunch Of Keystrokes.I Miss The Human Connection. By @Aerobabe619

So, in a hour we can send out a mass email ,text some friends,maybe skype and see a face. I for one miss,hearing a voice. I talk to alot of people in a day. Wait, re-read that, “I TALK TO ALOT OF PEOPLE IN A DAY”. No, no we don’t. We are keystrokes. We connect through,computers,texting,and other gagets. But we donot talk. And have you ever got a email,text or message and because you cannot hear or see the emotion behind it,take the message completley wrong? I have many times. And my messages have been misunderstood more than once.

I miss,sitting next to someone,as they tell a story and seeing the joy in their face.Or holding someone’s hand when they are hurting. Worse so many social networks are used, to vent or spill our most private thoughts,or what’s happening in our marriage,work or private lives. So many days ,i have gotten on a social network,to read about the “Bleep,of a spouse that did,fill in the blank”.Then the next day,there is the same person in a picture with that person,holding a baby,puppy whatever looking just fine. So, do i not like this friends spouse or not?

I just wish,things could be somwhere in the middle.Yes,i would have never met some of the wonderful friends i have,if not for the internet.Not a chance,our paths wouls have crossed. You also have well known people,now chatting with their fans.In the day you prayed they read your fan letter,or you ran into them.But, still i miss the human connection. The sound of a laugh,the smile,the sharing a moment,you could never write ,because you had to be there.

More than half of today’s society meet their partner now on social networks.What they have missed,seeing that person across a room,and your heart beating,hoping they notice you. And the start of dating,that butterfly feeling in the pit of our stomachs,the waiting for the phone to ring,or a knock on the door. The first’s. They now have gone through half the emotions on a keyboard. Maybe the lack of human connection,is what is causing the lack of true friendships,love and compassion. Its so easy to type,’i’m so sorry your so ill”.Then it is to go to that person and sit next to them,hold their hand and make them feel human.Isn’t it? When was the last time,you sat next to someone and just sat there. Spending time,knowing you mean something to the other.?

There is no way to un-ring the bell. We as a society have already been in this,for two decades. But we caan put some effort into ,talking on the phone.Stopping by,having lunch. Because what’s the next step,after this? What are our grandchildren,going to do? Are we headed to a completley non-interactive world.Were the only connection is through gadgets,or to have kids.Heck you really don’t need a partner for that now. If this is the case,i for one then is grateful,i got to experience the way things were before we became “more intellegent”. I have to laugh, really? ” I’ll take the telephone with the exstension cord,that would wrap around all the furniture,as you walked from kitchen to family room. I’ll take the waiting for the knock on the door,because it sure is good to see a face.

Till,then i guess i’m a hopeless in my wish for a more interactive society ,were you know a person by the smell of their cologne or perfume,their laugh,Then by the their profile picture,or song they play when it goes to voicemail. Modern Technology…..hmmm.


No Fairy Tales Allowed In This Heart. (Song and Poem) By @Aerobabe619


You are my eyes,they see the good.
You let me be me,and feel like i should.
But promising me ,to be your queen.
Is almost mean,there are no Cinderella dreams.

Happy endings,are only in books.
I don’t have the model beauty looks.
But I’d give whatever it took.
To be in your arms forever.

No glass slipper,or diamond  rings.
Fairy godmother’s or childhood dreams.
Just the smile,your heart makes me sing.
And i feel your love so easily.

Love should never be work.
Honesty,loyalty no sneaky hurts.
Being a friend along as my lover works.
And they lived happy to the most.

The ever afters and picket fence.
Two point five kids makes no sense.
So lets make a deal that ,makes us content.

And i will love you as long as i live.
I have the time, can you meet mine?
They lived…and that’s ours to find
To write our end.
So let the story begin my friend.

At The Gate (POETRY) By @Aerobabe619

When our God calls us home.
It’s a time to celebrate,waiting for us is our loved ones at the pearl gate.
Although,our loved ones left behind,will be heartbroken with grief.
If you were sick,or so depressed it will be a wonderful relief.
We won’t be able to see the tears that are shed for us.
The laws in heaven are this way,so we can find our peace.
But in time,we will be able to see them someday.
And they will feel us by the way,we would play.
If you loved music and sang a song,
They may hear it in their heads,all day long.
Or the wind will blow and they  will know,we are just riding along.
Don’t fear the time above,the houses are built with bricks of love.
Each of us will get a job,and make our mansions of gold.
Animals will play with us,tigers and bears will sleep
And we will never be old.

Try to treat people ,like you would them to,treat you.
Forgiveness is a must you see,to be forgiven yourself
It’s really that easy to do.
If you feel like you are in a rut along the way.
Don’t forget this big wide world gives us something new each day.
And don’t forget to send God a text,and tell him what you pray.
One day,the phone will ring at home
Or somewhere that you are.
Hurry up don’t be late,to meet your loved ones at the gate.
It will be a time to celebrate,you will never be alone.
Don’t need to pack anything,you will already be home.

We Dance In My Memory (Poetry) By @ Aerobabe619


Close my eyes,the music plays.

My dress is your favorite black satin today,

I smell your Halston,and the rough of your hands.

Hy Lit DJ’s all our requests of our favorite bands.


It’s our moment,our song is on.

You pull me close where i belong.

Nestled my chin rests on your chest.

These memories i hold are the very best

Four Tops,plays and we are on the floor

In no time flat.

You sing to me “Baby I want you back’

I can feel your hand as we dance and sing.

The lights dim,Its our song.

“Don’t Want to miss a thing”.


Tears form as i look down at the ring.

We could maybe give it another chance.

But it’s been fifteen years .since those ghosts.

Danced and singed.


Your love carries with me forever

Memories no one can steal.

We talked with our eyes.

Love i’ll never forget.

You may be a memory

but our lives,are not over yet.


Just like there are many dances

We also may get a second chance.

This time forever,will be the length of the dance.                                                                 


It’s A Whole New Ball Game By @ Aerobabe619


In the day it was so easy to tell a man from a woman.Now with unisex,clothes,hair cuts,make-up jewelry. It’s not so easy.Then mix in gender changes and you really better watch what you say. Always have manners.

Not to long back,we had a night of friends gather at the big house down south. The younger crowd decided to get a keg.In order to move it further back near the bonfire they made an actually gurney.One you would use on a soldier injured out in battle. I babysat and watched close enough to catch the fun.

One gentleman (approx 30) asked me if I knew the vixen with the long blonde braided hair. Upon first glance,I didn’t see any ,then in a distance from the rear,there sat alone nursing a cold beer a tall blonde with silky braids. I told the Youngman i didn’t know her.But the night was half over go introduce himself. I watched as he cleared his throat,and went up sat down ,put his hand out.

Next thing I know,the Youngman is coming at near at top speed,”SHE’S A GUY,SHE’S A GUY’. ” What I replied?” ” She is a guy the young man said,to be blunt a real dude,adams apple long hair”. I apologized and said from where we were standing you couldn’t tell.

Later that evening I met “billy” the long hair guy. A very nice young man,that does field survey work (shrug*).Don’t really know what that is,I told him I was sorry about the mix up. He replied”i’m not offended,why would I be?.I was noticed and someone was kind enough to start chatting”. I thanked him,and took note of his kindness and his sense of humor.

After a few hours of chatting we exchanged emails and since have become friends
A mistake in identity,leading to a nice friendship. As for the other gentleman,he’s trying to still
shake of the entire episode. Outer appearance means so little

So, don’t look at the tag. Or the hair or name for that fact. But I’m so glad i forgot my glasses that day 😉