Meeting Over Music By @ Aerobabe619

Since Joining Twitter and Facebook,but keeping my focus on music,poetry and writing.I have met some of the most fantastic people all over the world. I also have come across some of the most awesome music stores,that carry vintage music.That of course is my passion. In the last 3 months I have been introduced to some of the most fantastic Country and Country/Rock Bands. But my heart belongs to pure Rock.

An AEROSMITH fan for over 35 years,I have been introduced to the most amazing group of ladies. They fierce,Loyal,Loving and will help you in any way they can,but their main focus and Love and loyalty is to the men of AEROSMITH. There are groups for each member of the band, Including and never leaving out Russ Irwin. The #AEROSISTERS. Have gotten me through 5 years of pure hell. The Loss of my husband,father,mother.The motions of going through denial,at the loss of the use of my leg,when diagnosed with transverse Myelitis. Going through becoming a MiMi,And my granddaughter,Layla born sick but doing fine now. All why still,keeping fan clubs going,and of course attending their tours. I was lucky to go to The Global Warming Tour,In Albany Ny 6.29 2012 and meet the band, A fantastic ,unbelievable night of my life,Including Meeting CHEAP TRICK.  I was heaven.

I Have my rock friends ,I’m thinking in almost every state,and several countries. There are my ROLLING STONE  Fanatics, They are gentle but fierce loyal to the guys of the stones. FLEETWOOD MAC Fans,that are now enjoying their reunion  tour. I cant wait to catch up with them in October.

If it were not for the love of Music,I would never have crossed path with almost most of them. Are passions lead us into directions.That put us in the path of meeting the most talented,creative remarkable people in the world.

Just meeting a fellow Rocker from California,Robb is an amazing musician,and instant friend. A connection,through music only those that have this kind of loyalty and love for the bands that built rock and roll,understand.

I find the fans for the groups that have built the music industry from the 1960’s to the 1990’s are the most fierce,loyal and loving fans there are,But will back their bands with a roar.  Yes we might all love music,and get along. But when discussing the best Guitar players,it can get nasty. The best drummers.please watch your back. But its the love for the FRONT MAN of the bands,that can cause fist fights,pool sticks broken over backs,and tears. I know for a fact how that goes, the scar on my leg and fingers from a pool house fight,still are a reminder of my defense for Steven Tyler . AH,those were the days.

Keep in mind the music world is changing,A lot of our bands are gone,or going,But never will their music,their concerts ever be forgotten. Jim Morrison is frozen in time,footage of that well-known concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Our Bands our being discovered by a new generation,and will just keep going through the ages, I will always have my memories,hanging upside down at the 9 nine lives tour,from balcony seats to touch Tyler’s hat. May the music go on,the friendships continue,and keep on rockin till we can’t rock no more.


Is It Possible To Be In Love With Only One Person? By Aerobabe619

Love at first sight.You knew it right away,this was the person you would marry.You only fall in love like that once.  I have loved.I have had infatuation, I have felt lust,I had puppy love. But I have only been in love once. And yes there is a huge difference between loving someone.And being in love with someone.

I never have been able to fill that void,find that feeling or even come close to that kind of love ever again. And most likely won’t.Problem is,every time I’m free he’s not and when he’s free I’m not. I keep praying one day we will get it right,and be on the same page.But will we be those two lovers again? How much has life changed us? Are we in love with ghosts? Does that Cheri and Nick still exist? The answer is no. First off,I’m not that young,healthy or even in the same ballpark of mind,that I was then.

I don’t go along with whatever anyone wants just to avoid conflict.I’m no longer submissive,and I sure as hell don’t let anyone lay their hands on me anymore.You hit me now,I’m not calling the cops.I will beat your ass myself! and when I’m done,you better move to another state. So if there is only one or maybe two times in your life,and you fall hard. And it gets messed up,why do we keep trying?

Are we hopeless romantics or do we just work better with a partner in our life? ME? I Can say,I’m starting to miss not having someone,to treat so special,to hold,to have a good conversation. . I miss have adult companionship. So,I guess flying solo,I can do for some time,but I have been there almost 4.5 years now and ready to get back out there and  give this a try again.

So I think you can love people in many different ways,even more than one at a time,but I truly think there is one IN LOVE person for each of us. Mine is still around,im just waiting for him to ever catch back up.I think it wont happen, so ,maybe time to let ghosts dance in the past.and meet new people.Maybe the time we had been it,the ship sailed. sad but true. So if you mess up,you don’t ever get to feel that way again?

The one big difference is,im not going to do the chasing,the looking the blind dates..nope if I’m meant to be with someone again,God will do the driving ,I’m done with all that,this time he will find me. Maybe the turn out will be better, Anyway,I loved,been loved and know love. Just would like to grow old in love.I think i dream big. For my own good.

Well,till then music ,my family and friends,writing and hobbies keep me busy.And of course Lil Miss Beans.


The Medicine Cabinet,Not Just Deadly For Children. By Aerobabe619

medicine cabinet As most of you know mom,passed away on June16th 2014. The confusion in the E.R. was straight out of a “House” episode or “Grey’s Anatomy (minus the sex in the broom closet).Thursday June 12th,I got an urgent call from my sister.She woke to find my 73-year-old mother,nude covered with what looked like a tar substance,acting irrational.

I got to my mother’s and cleaned my mom up,and we called 911. By the time we reached the hospital,my mom was already being worked on. “Your mom has lost 4 pints of blood,is anemic and ,the words faded. I have not lived with my parents almost 30 years,my sister was her care taker.I asked what happened? Your mom has an ulcer that has hemorrhaged,we will try to get her stable.Then surgery for the ulcer.

I later found out that same day,mom was eating 6 to 8 aspirin a day. “WHY”? i DEMANDED! She would wait till my sister was asleep than sneak downstairs taking them at night,My sister and I agreed if mom recovered,no more aspirin.

Mom,didn’t even make it to Monday for the surgery,she hemorrhaged out,and died 6:am June 16th.three days before my 50th birthday.Please watch with seniors,just as you do your children,How much medicine they take,both prescribed and OTC. Mom may have lived a few years longer if not for this.

I blame nobody,as it won’t change anything for us,but it might for you. Never allow a senior that has medical issues to medicate themselves.

Thank you

Much Love And Hugs.

It’s Raining Music Notes . Poetry By@Aerobabe619


No Matter how old

And secure you are.

Saying goodbye can go just to far.

The words make no sense

Nothing makes it right

It’s the start of many painful nights.


How many time have I walked this path.

Sometimes it hurts you gotta laugh.

Reasons,and sorry,your better off

It’s not you, try to make the knife soft.


As an older gal,I should know by now

This pain is not forever,in a few weeks

I’ll be glowing again,and feeling a lot better.


You know the routine,a day in bed.

tissues and the entire relationship

dances in your head.

What went wrong,what went right

we didn’t even have a fight.


I turn on the music to drown out my sobs

Aerosmith,Fleetwood,pink Floyd .and Sledge.

That’s when it all comes pouring out of my head.

Percy,could realy belt his song,and make the night last oh so long.


Music notes float,as my sobs slowly stop.

Next comes the great FOUR TOPS.Follow now with

some upbeat songs, “It’s a heat wave” I’ll play and sway along.

Bring on some disco,the 80’s to ,it’s getting harder to think of you.

90’s i’m belting Alanis Morisette,baby this woman wants to make me forget!

I’m not your play doll,a toy to enjoy.But stupid ass you’re a little boy.


Feeling so much better,along with The pussy cat dolls,

and you will see,their top song.Now is me.

Wish you well,i hope your get all you deserve

And a chance to see.

I’m not destroyed,or broken down.

Not as long as there is music around


So,i say farewell, goodbye it’s all good

And realizing now along what i should.

So go on get going,and listen up.

As far as i’m concerned about you

well…I don’t give a >>>>.





5O Begins With A Empty Nest And Adventures A Plenty. By Aerobabe619

upcycled chair   This is it,this is a moment in time I have always dreamed of.Having my own place. Now let me be clear,I have been on my own for a very long time. I’m now 50 and have been out of my parents house since I was barely in my 20’s. But I have always lived with someone,this includes 7 years of it just being myself and my two children. Yes,little folks are still living with other people.  My girls are grown now,one has a house and husband and lives about a mile or two from me.

My youngest engaged with a baby is moving to Mississippi. I was asked to go,and up till this April was going. I have even been packing.When this last trip,kind of set of some thoughts in my head,bells ringing and flags flying. I have to let her go be a family without me,at least for a while. Living with In-laws is no cake walk,no matter how good you get along. And with the stress of new jobs,house,area. I felt they would be better off starting without the added stress of having me to worry about,or tag along. Let them build their first memories alone,or as alone as it can be,since their house is on her fiance family land.And there are relatives everywhere.

So,with all that said, I will be alone for the first time in my life. Living alone with two lazy,over pampered very demanding cats. One mackerel tabby “OLIVIA” and a Maine Coone,who is huge, at least 20lbs and tall and wide,he looks like a small wild cat .Named “BURTON”.( I did not name him). His name does not match his body or attitude. So I decided to re-decorate my entire house. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath,a large hallway, 1 family room a kitchen,laundry room and a room that can be whatever I decide to make it. But the catch is,nothing except for any electrical outlets or wiring of lamps will be new, Everything will be either upcycled,recycled or from thrift shops,consignment shops,rummage sales,barn or yard sales.

I’m very good at turning a beat up whatever into something very cool. I build dollhouses and create accessories in 1:12 scale. So I can do it for the real life. My goal, to hopefully not go over $500.00 for materials. $500.00 for actual pieces of furniture, and $500.00 for new materials that are a must for safety and sound structure. I also will purchase a brand new security system. So that is an expense but a must.

Painting each room in a neutral color,off whites,earth colors. Let’s me use furniture and accessories with bright pops of colors,to tell a story in each room. They will flow easily together,so not to walk from a creamy soft room with pops of blues,and orange.To a bright purple room ,no! They will each have their own look but not to shock when walking into the next. My big adventure of moving to Mississippi was very much in my heart for 3 years,and I had so many goals wrapped around that. But I now will build adventures of my own,wrapped around being a single lady,with the world to see.

I’m disabled with Transverse Myelitis,and my left leg and foot have no feeling and doing somethings are hard,as my hands only hold out for short periods.But I’m determined to make the best out of the situation and have a blast. I have already been given a list of rules from my son-in-law. As to the do’s and don’ts and to what to wait for him to help me with. But as I do a room,i will take before and after pics for you to enjoy. Also stories on finding my way,and lessons learned being a free,one time wanna-be hippie,living life to the fullest.

Music ,writing,poetry and so much more are my passions so I know they will tie into the redecorating of my home . I never had a clean slate all of my own,before the kids rooms were cartoon themes,or Disney princesses,or the newest boy bands. The living rooms,would have looks reflecting a family or my late husbands loves for nascar.You will not find any of that now. But you may see Turquoise Insulators used at the top of telephone poles,made by different manufacturers such as Hemingray . I fell across them at a friends back yard,he didn’t know what they were and thought they were pretty,bought a box at a rummage sale, I did know what they are gave him a fair price and now have a small collection,Just enough for some color and something different,but not enough to go nuts over. They value from $5 on up depending on the rarity and color.pole insualators I also love vintage planters, bowling bags (make very cool over night bags), 1960’s glasses, they had the coolest drinking glasses or glasses for bar’s back then. My house will be colorful but will be me, and my bathroom,may be items made into musical notes hanging on the wall,with stanza’s from “Aerosmith songs” Whatever may happen,I will soak up each moment and enjoy the time. But will be delighted as each child visits with their children.And my new relationship with my sister begins.

Memories made fresh and wonderful,because I know there will become a time ,maybe when I turn 60 when I will have to move in with one of my children,until then. Let the memories begin ,and friendships develop, rooms made into things I only dreamed about.and you can follow along.

Her Escape By @ Aerobabe619

In her dreams there is peace.
No tears,No pain
She can do most anything
Even sing again.

When she wakes
Reality is shining through the drapes.
She pulls them tight
Make the room dark
And plan her escape.

Little bit at a time
She picks at the locks
Watching ,listening to the ticking of the clock.

She will wake again,what will be this time?
Sent to the basement,to sit
For what crime?
Oh,she is a child
Only five years old,and had the nerve to tell her.
That the soup was cold.

Darkness creeps around,she sees the shadows dance
One day she will be free
from the brutal hands.

So now when she sleeps
no longer five years old
She wakes to the sun
shining through the drapes.
No more need to plan her escape.