Closing The Door To Unhealthy Friendships,Harder Than You Think By @Aerobabe619




Turning 50. It was time,time to clean up my life.Time to make better choices.Time to close the door to unhealthy friendships.It’s not as easy as it sounds.First one friend i have been in a very unhealthy friendship for almost 29 years. He has been in my life,through so much. Our daughters grew up together and are best friends.Matter of fact my daughter is his daughters Matron of honor,in her wedding this November.

I had a big part in helping watch his child for along time,she lived with me for two years. But it gets more complicated then that.We were engaged and a couple for two and a half years in the 90’s. And stayed very good friends when that ended.We have always been there for each other.But in the past five years a lot of unhealthy activity on his part,has made it so ,i can no longer support his way of life.

Not to mention emotionally hurting me over and over. So i ended it. God how i cried.I feel like a death,has happened. But he

left me with no choice. Then after years of being in other unhealthy relationships,i had to end them, It’s the worse feeling in the world.But when they cause nothing but painful drama.What choice do you have,after talking to them about it over and over.

It’s bad enough,we have become a world of keystrokes,and don’t have personal friendships like before,So ending ones you have,is killer. There is no guide book,or how to be as graceful as possible. It plain is horrific.But I’m determined to live the second half of my life as uncomplicated as possible.And surround myself with people that only want the best for me.And I for them.

I have come to know,its better to have a handful of real friends,then thirty fakes.

I sure wish though, there was an easier way to do things like this,but there is not. And so my second half begins. I have to admit i have never felt so at ease with myself,and ready to have a blast. Here i come,smarter, more compassionate and lucky to have the loved ones i do in my life.

To those that just got your half century pin, Lets live,in the present. And enjoy.



My Tabby Livie, My Best Friend. By @ Aerobabe619

I wrote my poem “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” and included a picture of my maine coone mix Burton.But not my Livie, I felt awful as this Sept 10th, she will be with me 7 years.And has stayed by my side with love,and comfort everyday. So here is a picture of me and Livie, She is everything to me.

Unconditional Love By @ Aerobabe619 (poetry)

He puts his head on my side and looks at me with big brown eyes.

I could hold him all day long,but things must be done so he just drifts to sleep.

Always in my thoughts i keep.

I try to get a toy,a treat or something fun.

To give to him when our day is done

She sits with me,and makes me soft.

I try to tell her that,can hurt.

But she will just spin around

In circles on my lap.

She has her own blanket,but she rather just nap.

Sometimes,i’ll miss a phone call.

Because she will refuse to move.

And i will never push her,when she does refuse.

She has been my partner,my best friend.

Both her and Burton,listen and comfort

To the days end.

Never making judgement,never walk away.

She even rubs my face,when the tears,come to stay.

They listen to my music,and love special treats.

Rubbing their face along Aerosmith Fleece.

My baby girl Liv,And Burton baby boy.

Unconditional love.

And fill my world with joy.

Those Moments We Don’t Pay Attention To,What A Loss. By@ Aerobabe619

My family dreads taking me to stores,events,flea markets etc. Why?Because they miss out on so much it makes me see red. When people set up a garage sale,a lot of the good stuff is still in the garage!! because it’s to big,bulky or heavy to drag in and out.Or it cost them a pretty penny and hate to drag it outside and have everyone nickel and dime it to death.If someone spots it,they usually have a better chance on getting a fair deal.

Now,we went to a multi family yard sale,the entire gated community set up their used treasures (GULP) I saw sheet sets that cost $350 at Macy’s and they have a $25 for sale sign on them, swoop I bought them without hesitation.Now all the grown kids are yanking,and yakking,and looking at ski’s and other stuff.I’m pulling things out of containers,and haggling with people over all kinds of stuff. When it was over,we looked at about 40 yards,The kids got Layla some yard toys,Patty got a folding screen. But I cleaned house.

Why?, I shut my yap,and looked ,read signs people had hanging,such as “new lighting fixtures,unopened in foyer” They had beautiful vanity lights reg price $125 a box for $ 30 a box. Then a sign, antiques in garage just ask,They didn’t want to drag out desks and such in the wind and sun. The big thing now is ladders to hold quilts,pictures etc in.  Now I went to this multi estate sale, with $140.00 all my budget could squeeze out. I got a 7 piece king size bedding set,teal and black,just breathtaking for $5, I kid you not.The lady did not want to drag it back in,and put it away,it was the wrong size,she didn’t feel like returning …( money to burn,i guess). I got an antique ladder, for $10,my daughter wanted to cry ..( you snooze you loose..she wasn’t sleeping ,but talking about pants made bad!)  an out door club house (Barbie) you fold up and put together with pcp pipes and cloth,cute little house for Layla ($!.00) again,lady didn’t want to drag it in.

So, so far i spent $31.00, then i found a brand new pier one Martguerita set for the kids new bar in Mississippi $ 5., a pair of brand new keds walking shoes for Layla $3.00, A pull bucket by Lego with blocks,large size  $5.00, A TON of material for my miniatureS $4 and to end it all,a box of antique toys from my childhood age,(antique!! excuse me!!) $30 and it was dawn dolls,a popper you push,little kiddles and color forms.  I spent $81.00 needed my son in laws truck and had like $59.00 left and made out great.Because i looked,talked nicely, was respectful.and paid attention.

To many times we miss out,on cool things that happen,and people are snapping camera’s and we are standing there speechless,We miss out on celebrity sightings, dolphins in the water, a beautiful bird in the tree.

We don’t live in the present, we are to worried about the cupcake party next week. Come on!!!  Start looking around,take a  break and look at your grand baby;s new  teeth. Because someday it will all be gone including you.

cupcake 4

You Silver Fox,Sharing My Love (Poem To Diet Pepsi).By @ Aerobabe619



Laying in bed,the thoughts of you dance in my head.

You have been with me for twenty-five years.

Heard me laugh,watched my tears.


It’s no secret with our love affair.

I tolerate all the gossip I hear.

Other girls,holding you.

Taking you to parties,the shore .

I know it’s true.


But what can I do?,what can I say.

Your there for me every day.

You quench my thirst,when you’re in my hand.

The dew dripping down,

your silver toned can.


Diet Pepsi,you are my love.

Like no other,I put you above.

I will run out in the middle of the night.

Because to be without you is an awful fright.

Sophia might have you for right now.


But I get you any way I know how.

Aww,the cool down my throat.

Enjoying you with desert.

So,until I reach for you once again.

Diet Pepsi,your mine till the end.