My Daughters Two. By @ Aerobabe619


I see them talking and can’t believe.
The beautiful ladies are part of me.
I still see them as little girls.
The beautiful children,I brought into this world.

How time has flown.
I didn’t know it would be this way all grown.
We grew up together,mother and child.
How it seemed it took awhile.

I never loved anyone the way I love you.
My daughters with piercing eyes of blue.
Remember singing in the car?.
Wondering what Aerosmith Cd would take us far.

You have grown into the strongest girls.
Now a wife,a mother yourself in this world.
You both have made me so proud.
And we still sing our songs very loud.

When I’m old and you hear our songs.
Turn them up and sing along.
Don’t forget to teach your own.
And in a flash they will be grown.

My Love to you my ladies daughters two.
The happiest time has been loving you.

Love Mommy (Dedicated to Patricia and Cheyenne)

My Writer Friends,How Did You Fall Into Your Genre? Advice Please. By @Aerobabe619


For two posts I wrote a completely made up story.First in order to keep track of the characters I made 3×5 cards.Name,age occupation.How they were related to a few other characters I introduced. OH DEAR LORD! this is insane. I guess making up a full-blown story takes work. Not to mention,research. I couldn’t be writing about what people do in Hollywood,when I had no clue.

It took twice as long to write what I would have normally had done in a Sunday afternoon.However I enjoyed it,and hope to continue with the story. The feedback was about 60/40 most in favor I stick with what I do best.Poetry and real life stories. Now here is the issue on this. Why? because they want to protect me from failing. A lot of people told me to follow my heart. Well,as hard as it was,i will finish the story. My dream is to write about music and introduce the next generation about the wonderful music of my time,but this boat has sailed.

I would love to know if all go through this dilemma,or it was a natural process.Your creative outlet just followed a path? I feel so comfortable in my poetry,songs and true stories. Comfortable can be dangerous. I would love to know, how many went to school to do one thing and fell into writing or you just went to school to be a writer.

This post was written early September.Just held it off, any of the wonderful creative writers, if you could give me a moment and share your journey.I would be grateful
Your all an inspiration to me.

No Fairy Tales Allowed In This Heart. (Song and Poem) By @Aerobabe619

Loving My Life And Other Stories.

Imagine You can hear the insects and birds .The weather is humid and hot,The daily temperatures are near 100 degrees. Longing to see each other,you make plans to meet at the pond for lunch. Being in love,and I emphasis on the “IN LOVE”.

Always loved him,not a doubt in my mind about that,but i have been in love with him for so long.Sometimes the pain of not being together is to much.Almost like having a breathing issue. I struggle to breathe.When we are together,there is nobody in the world but us. I lay on the ground ,next to him and hear his heart beat.

I felt like we have known each other life times.But every time we try to give it a go,it don’t work. It has to this time,I’m older,he’s older and time isn’t in abundance anymore.
Maybe this time it will happen,it will click and we will fall…

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A MTV Baby (POETRY) By @ Aerobabe619

Can you see yourself sixteen years old?
Smart enough to know some stuff.
But maybe not yet bold.

We caught the end of disco.
Thank the world for that.
But when the eighties hit.
There was no looking back.

Music video’s all the rage,MtV our living room stage.
I would put it on and wait hours for my favorite songs
On no school days,played it all day long.

Getting happy laying on the floor.
Playing Bonjovi,Aerosmith,Police and more.
Dressing like the girls from Motley Crew.
Making sure,my dad never knew.

Then the video that changed me so much.
Aerosmith’s “Amazing”had the midas touch
Those were some of the very best days.
And our way of music changed in a million ways.

Luck was really on our side
To see Madonna dressed as a bride ( haaahaaa)
And pencil drawings came alive.
“AH HA”,Take on me.
A song for all times.

So,go pull out those funky pics
Our hair so high, our jeans so tight.
Sweaters cut at the shoulders just right.

I’m not a baby boomer,you see

Olivia And Frankie Grace ,Getting comfortable As An Assistant.(PART 2) By @Aerobabe619

olivia job

Olivia has been working as Frankie Grace’s personal assistant now for four months.Time has flown,Olivia has hardly had a day off,Between promotions of Frankie’s make-up line.And moving Frankie to a more secluded home.She decided on a nice three bedroom cottage,with plenty of room.The land is just covered with flowers and foliage.Vegetables and fruit. Frankie had always dreamed of a nice little piece of land and The cottage is perfect.It will need work.But she doesn’t want to take away from the original brick work or architecture in the rooms. 3 bedrooms,a study, the kitchen has a built on storage area for pots and bowls,just fantastic. There is a dining room,but that is being turned into a craft/music room and then a small bathroom ,upstairs is another bathroom,and a room Frankie is having turned into a play room for all the nieces and nephews.

Frankie has three storage areas she rents full of furniture and pieces from the 1960’s.70’s and 80’s. It will be a hell of a mix,but she’s re-designing a lot of pieces herself. It should take a full year before the move in,and they are four months into the project. Olivia was stunned when Frankie told Olivia she will have her own,bathroom and bedroom and office.She signed Olivia on to a five-year contract as her personal assistant. Olivia felt so thrilled,but what about her career writing for a sitcom or doing work on a movie set? Frankie told her ,if she wanted to write on her days off ,not a problem.She could never use her as material,and they signed legal papers to make sure there would be no conflict down the way.

Olivia has done no dating since taking the job with Frankie. Frankie’s driver Bernie is a great guy,but Olivia hates when her and Bernie will be picking up something for Frankie and the phone will ring and its Frankie having Bernie do a special errand. Olivia gets furious. Does Frankie think Olivia is that dumb? Bernie was supposed to pick up Olivia at three to drop of the new designs for the eye shadow’s Frankie had designed “FLASH BACK FLORAL AND “DISCO DIAMOND DUST”, you lightly brush on your collar-bone,cheeks and shoulders to give a glow under lighting. But Bernie was now thirty minutes late.Olivia tried his cell, on the last ring a voice picked up” Sgt,Robert York,How can I help you?” Olivia replies.”Yes I’m Olivia Wallace. Bernie is the driver for Frankie Grace,and he was supposed to pick me up to drop off cosmetic samples”. Sgt York replied “Mrs Wallace? Olivia replied ‘No Miss Wallace”, “Miss Wallace I’m sorry to inform you,but Bernard Haverton was murdered,sometime this afternoon”. Olivia dropped the phone to the floor. To be continued

Personal Assistant Olivia,Enters The Gates To Hollywood (Part 1) By @ Aerobabe619

Olivia’s alarm clock is screaming,once again she is late.How does this keep happening? she thought over in her head,maybe it’s getting old.But I know I set the alarm,and i set it right. She finally landed her dream job. A personal assistant for the girl friend of a very famous actor. Olivia wants to work her way up to working on a set,designing the wardrobe for a movie or sitcom.But this was a start.After all,it’s got a lot to do with who you know.But she reminds herself that your performance,loyalty and intelligence also play a big role on this field.

Today,she was going shopping with Frankie.They are picking out dresses for all the award shows,coming up. Usually Frankie had a personal assistant bring dresses to the penthouse suite,but Frankie is in a phase.She wants to show her fans that she has no problem,shopping at boutiques or even department stores.The economy is awful,and standing on stage for five to ten minutes,handing a moon-man in a Versace dress,Just wasn’t going to do it for Frankie,

The phone rang and Olivia quickly grabs it,”yes,Miss Frankie,I’ll be there in twenty minutes.I apologize”. Olivia hung up the phone,the tone of Frankie’s voice told Olivia,”get your act together”. Olivia grabbed her purse,the driver pulled up.and the sped down the street.The streets in New York are instant ulcer’s.After arriving at Frankie’s they all filled in the car,and Frankie commented on Olivia’s hat.”Got to get me one,it has such character”. Olivia explained how her mom wore it to Woodstock. Frankie,begged to wear it to the MTV Video Awards. With a gulp,Olivia agreed.

Frankie Grace has been the girlfriend of thriller and suspense film star Brent Wilson for almost fifteen years.Frankie refuses to marry.After a long relationship with a rock star “Toadmaster” ” from the superstar band “AMPHIBIANS”. Frankie was happy just having a uncomplicated relationship.Yes when Brent was away on location,she sometimes got in a bit of trouble.But for the most part things are always good. She will admit when asked “Toadmaster” still has a hold on her,but not like before. “Toadmaster” Real name Sammy and Frankie go back to the club days of New york and also,had some small success doing some duets.

Olivia walks into the room,she seen it. Damn! Frankie’s face turns red, Olivia saw Frankie quick put the baggie in her purse.But there is no disguising  that white powder.Olivia wishes the person that discovered the death powder would be have to sit and watch all the people that suffered due to that scum drug. “Time to go Miss Frankie,we have many stores waiting for us,so the paparazzi won’t be able to see you..we hope.

to be continued….



please leave feedback,if you think i have talent to write in this genre,honesty is best

Love and hugs.

Is It A Waste Of Time To Write?. By @Aerobabe619

I try to be myself and write.I don’t want to be a writer that works in a genre that i know nothing about.I happen to be drawn to poetry and real life stories. I can hear you yawing as i type these words. Maybe. But still it’s what I love to do ,and if only 2 people read my posts.Well,im lucky,its two people whomever read my talent before.

So,what makes you a success? what drives you? what won’t you write about? I think everybody has their line in the sand. My issue is i think i painted myself into a corner,Writing about the family and things related to that subject,so I’m going to put on my tree climbing equipment and go out on a limb. And write about something completely opposite.Wish me luck,and maybe I’ll catch on,and have some followers that are not yawning by ends day.