A Night At An AEROSMITH Concert By @Aerobabe619


A tall purple hat
Black duster coat.
Screams at night flow out his throat.

Mic stand flips and kicks in the air.
Curls so dark.a roach clip in his hair.
Everything a bad boy ,means.
Yet he sings about possible dreams.

How on earth did he get into those pants?
Sewn on?painted on? Who the heck cares?
Harmonica screams along with him.
Joe goes into solo,his brother in sin.

They are twins for bad and good.
Looking at each other like brothers should.
The arena goes black a roar of screams.
The banner comes down with the name of our dreams.
“AEROSMITH”only one band in this world
Held together by voices ,a sound of their own.

Before you know it’s time to go home.

Every time we go again,it’s like the first and you never feel alone.
Is it not my Aerosmith friends?
Like your 14.15 again?
Put your lighter’s high in the air
“sweet emotion” will carry us there.
In our minds we will forever be.

To my Aerosmith friends with love.

Excuses Humans Use To Rid Themseleves Of Unwanted Animals! How Do They Sleep At Night? By Aerobabe619.

The local SPCA is not far from where I live. When I can I will drop of a bag or two of food,toys,or just put a few dollars in the donation container.I wish I could do more.My dream is to be able to give weekly or if my health was stable,volunteer there. I take a walk now and then through the shelter to visit the babies left. Divided up into categories.The canines are the largest group.loud barking comes from the area they are kept in.Concrete pens with food and water bowls,some toys.Usually two share a pen. I notice one out of the two usually huddles in the corner shaking,the other barking or running to the front begging for attention. Along the entry gate to each pen is a 3×5 card. It has the name,age and the SPCA try to put a breed.Some are obvious the mixed breeds are a bit more tricky.

Lets put it this way,about 16 years ago I adopted a puppy from a shelter,the card read “LAB MIX”He was very big for a lab,but his ears big and floppy and huge eyes,black mouth and gentle personality got to me.I adopted him.Upon our first trip to the vet. He said to me”If he is a lab,I’ll eat my hat”. I said “What do you mean?” The vet chuckled he said “I guarantee you they had no clue what he is,and a lab always sounds gentle safe and family”his paws alone give me an idea he is some sort of Great Dane mix. “OH MY GOD!” I YELLED,I LIVE IN A TOWN HOUSE! the neighbors will be thrilled.

Turned out after much research many visits to the vet and a trip down south ,he was a “Black mouth Curr” Your shaking your head as you read this. I did to. When a woman sent me pictures of her brood of puppies after joining a breed research group,so my “JACKOB” Could get the correct medical care,She sent a note along with the pictures, “You have a black mouth Curr,usually a dog from the south,a hound dog.” And boy did he sing and talk. Was almost 5′ on hind legs and weighed about 180 a big boy. Walking him,pulled my arm out of my socket when he chased a rabbit. He lived to be 13, he was a loving big boy and I’m glad i chose him.But he may not had gotten such a comfy life.

I read the excuses the “owners” give when leaving the dog. “Had to move” …oh,i see and I guess if there wasn’t room for little Becky she would have to go to a foster home. You mean to tell me,they could not have looked a little harder for a place that took pets,or a family they knew?
” daughter went to college,it was her animal” What? Oh, I see mom and dad left at home or single parent,can’t feed the animal or look after it for 2 to four years? what kind of lame excuse is that?

” THE DOG WILL NOT STAY IN THE YARD”, GET YOUR FENCE FIXED! OR YOUR ANIMAL TRAINED! ” New baby is coming”…ok??? I’m still stuck on this one, they can’t share their love,time attention? Multi task? What? And don’t get me Started on the animal won’t obey. Or it snapped at Johnny. Hello that’s on you!!! Your lack of getting the right skills to have a pet.

So,if your thinking of getting little Joanie a puppy for Christmas DON’T! because Joanie may move,go to college,have a baby.
Pets are just like us,they need to be fed,water,kept warm or cool,need a place to sleep,see a dr and above all need love. Because your lazy or oops Tinkerbell had an accident on the carpet don’t give you a right to throw her away. Thank God,there are some laws that protect us from throwing each other away. Although there are people who do,just in other forms.

Think,think before you jump into this commitment. Have your animals neutered or spayed.Think about this,the baby bundle of fur you are holding will grow big,maybe live to be 16 or stay small but will get older. My Liv was found in a box along the side of a highway along with all her siblings. I adopted her right off,she was so tiny.Still is at 7 ,but needs constant attention. All our babies with fur are rescue animals. Burton ( Named after Tim Burton) was left under a bridge. My daughters Maine Coone was going to be put down,My daughter found out and adopted her. All these animals have issues,from their former owners.Mia is very skittish but once she gets to know you,she will give little kisses.Burton took 2 years to warm up to me,now thinks he’s a hat and sleeps on my pillow laying half on my head at night. Liv lies on m back,hips and legs. But if I get out my suitcase,she cries and is angry when I get home,takes days for her to come around and forgive me. I go away less and less…

Bread and Bacon Grease, Part 1. By @Aerobabe619


Folding my oldest daughters blankets,my mind was on the television. I was in shock.My dad came down the steps with a look of pure raw pain. I never seen him like this.”Dad what just happened?” ” It blew up Cher,It blew up” tears streaming down his face.I was speechless. It was January 28th 1986. As the screen on the television came back into my eye’s view,all I could see was faces of shock,horror and despair. The space shuttle “Challenger” had just exploded.

On this flight is a school teacher, Christa McAuliffe, Payload Specialist. This flight was special it was known as the” Teacher in space project”.At that time something so dear to his heart. She represented a big part of my dad’s dreams. Sitting on the couch and sobbing now,I noticed dad still had the headphones on his head. “Dad,please can I take these off?” No Cher,leave them.I heard them. Throttle up!!!.” My mind now,not knowing how to respond. My month old baby is screaming,dad is in shock.I’m 21

“Dad, I’m going to take these off” Slipping the headphones off his head. I placed them in his hands,this was all he had left to his dream. I sat next to him.Trying to find a place to talk to him. I put my daughter down for a nap. Put on a pot of coffee.I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Can I cook?” he had a frying pan in his hands.I saw the bacon slab. I mindlessly must have gone to get the bread.I don’t really recall that,but I must have. We didn’t often get pr-sliced bread.

Cutting the bread,I could smell the start of what was going to be a long day. Putting the bread and butter on the table.I could hear Dan Rather talking, “I see a parachute”.Dad was running to the T.V. Dan Rather speaking,” I don’t know what the parachute means”. Mission control advises it was a paramedic that was in the parachute.Dad sinking into the couch,bacon is burning.I run to the stove.Smoke detector screaming.My mother comes down the steps .She sees dad.Turns and goes upstairs. Dan Rather is speaking. I hold the burned bacon in the frying pan.Sit and cry.

My father born 1936 to at that time a family of six.Two brothers before him died as infants.Had to quit school after the 8th grade.Everybody worked to try to keep the household alive.My grandfather worked,but gambling and alcohol put the family at risk.When my dad got married he worked at the shipyard overhauling boilers on the destroyers,submarines and carriers. He a determined man to fill his dreams.Getting his G.e.d in 1983 a year after I graduated.We threw him a graduation party.Went on to study space and as a ham radio operator, and could hear the Astronauts .He was so over the moon.My dad also was a amateur archeologist belonging to the Franklin institute of Philadelphia.

Dan Rather is reporting that most likely the astronauts had not survived. Looking like a broken man.We walked into the kitchen and he scraped out the frying pan.He started a new batch of bacon. I check in on the baby and look up at the cross on my bedroom wall. And I recall to this day the first time since my dad had his heart attack in 1982 begging God to help my pop. I didn’t want him hurt.There was always hurt.Little did I know.