Turning 50 ,Why It Is The Best Thing To Happen By Aerobabe619


I thought my friends have lost their minds. Depressed because they are turning 50. I was thrilled. The bullshit is behind me. Kids grown, Yes I wasn’t happy to be a widow and newly disabled with a disease that paralyzed my leg. That sucked. I have been very independent and ran around in high heels,went dancing and walked twenty miles a week. Now I have to find a new me.

But with even all that I made it. I made it and had some great events.Now I have been a widow five years so the dating scene has changed greatly since the last time I was single. We are talking a long time ago.But I have learned so many lessons. I have passions and hobbies. Life can be good,it’s how you approach it. I hate hearing well my best years are over. Why? why are you picking out your casket? Come on there is more now for women than ever.

There are countless things to do,try,and laugh at your self. You love yourself first then you can give the best of yourself. Now is the time to not give a hoot what others think. Unless of course you’re hurting someone or being classless. But the new hairdo or color should be no big deal. High school is long over,the awkward twenties are history.

So go take a class,make wine,dare to wear a bikini. You won’t see those people at the beach again. But most of all repair relationships if possible,try to take a different path,forgive, and go out and make memories, your starting the second half of this game,you’re at second and goal in the third quarter and it’s your Super Bowl. Throw that pass and run. Then do the touchdown dance. ( yes dad I paid attention to all those games).



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