You Are The Land By @Aerobabe619 (Poetry)

Standing at the water’s edge.

I look across the land.

The wind is blowing tears.

I then feel your hand.

Walking we talk about the pain.

Inside my heart.

I didn’t know,what way to turn.

I didn’t know were to start.


With me you say a smile so bright,

Lay your trouble at my feet.

I return with a nod “but I’m in so deep”.

Never matters how far you are.

I will answer my child,

All you do is knock.Ill return your refuge.I Am your rock.


Standing at the waters edge.

I turn to give thanks.

All I feel is wind blowing.

Across the land.

Knowing all of it is you.

As you touched my hand.


2 thoughts on “You Are The Land By @Aerobabe619 (Poetry)

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