The Emotion Is You,The Laughter Is Drum Rolls. (Poem) By @ Aerobabe619


Listen,listen to the sound.

it is all around me,I didn’t recognize it.

What can it be?.

Its been such a long time.

Then I realize it’s mine.

The laughter is real, I didn’t think I could feel.

My smiles are just from the thought.

And the cement crumbles,The laughter sounds like drum rolls.

The newest emotions,Eyes sparkle green.

I look through eyes that have cried away dreams.

Now I have the hope,and to think I can cope,

No old habits start,you jumped started my heart.

Every Song has new meaning,every look at the ceiling,

Is no longer of pain,or tears with a constant remain.

Looking at that cracked ceiling,now building life.

It hasn’t been easy,my trust you had to earn.

Searching over every word.

Like a musician starts to learn,playing a new song.

I’m ready to ride along.

And in the end.

Even more my friend,who ever would know.

That the person would be you.

Friends for thirty years.

Shared laughter,family,fears.

Play your music,cause each song  is new.

And the emotion is you.


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