Cleaning House,? OH! That Kind Of Cleaning House! By @Aerobabe619

Cleaning house for some is the typical sweeping moping dusting.But in my home,there are two types of cleaning.When the home needs to be cleaned you will hear me say ” Hand me the bucket,bags and broom” The family knows it’s time to make the house livable.If you hear me say “Cleaning House!” With a tone,you better pray.I have come to a point were life has become to complicated.My dad always said “Life is as complicated as you make it”.

The last couple of months have been a virtual juggling act,family traveling between many states,my granddaughter living with me for twenty days her Paw-Paw for five,other family for two days here,two days there.Now she is back to regular life,and her mom wonders with real shock,”Why is she not sleeping,eating,whatever on schedule?” WHAT? I look at her with complete shock,she has to be kidding!

I told her,when life goes upside down,you have to get a grip before it runs away like an off track locomotive. With that said,I started looking at mine.Desk looks like a bomb went off,There are two major things hanging in the air,that need to get done! So I can close two heartbreaking doors.One is just waiting now for the date to come up,get through it and move on.The other is waiting on the weather! My parents headstone.Its finished but,don’t you know two weeks of down pouring rain,has held things up.It most likely will be put in place on my birthday….happy birthday…ugh.There is
nothing I can do but wait.

Then personal relationships and those that are not.Social media sites,people who have not said two words to me.Im not a numbers person.If I have ten friends that really talk to me,then I’m happy with that.But the worse is relationships that are hurting you.Not necessarly physical,but there are other types of pain.Then it’s time to Clean House.! People,things or not running your life in healthy ways.Time to get the broom and clean up the mess.

Sometimes,it is eating or lack of taking good care of yourself.Get together a chart and make a realistic goal chart.Clean up your finances,a lot of money goes down the drain,on ATM fees.I check my Finances on a secure online bank site.Write down your starting monthly balance,don’t forget to subtract fees for phone pay,that is if you pay bills by phone there is a charge.Any fees from ATM,Check fees and overdraft fees,they all add up.Clean House! You will have more money in your pocket and breathe at night!

There are many areas of our life,if we clean house,you will be able to find peace and happiness in the end.Its somewhere underneath all the unneeded things,or undone projects.Not worn,used,played with,talked to or healthy objects,people,feelings.



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