I Need A Hand To Hold (Poetry) By @Aerobabe619

Each month through the summer and fall I will repost my favorite poems,please. Enjoy.

Loving My Life And Other Stories.

I need a hand to hold.
To give me strength,as i grow old.
And guide me down the right road.
I need a hand to hold.

I need a heart to love
To hold my hands.
Make no demands.
I need a heart to love.

I need a partner in soul
That will make feel whole.
That when i need help ,he won’t fold.
I need a partner in soul.

I need to have someone to kiss.
For when we see a falling star,we can make a wish.
He tenderly loves me ,as if i was a china dish
I need someone to kiss.

I need a partner for life
I don’t need to be a wife
but has wisdom as sharp as a knife.
I need a partner for life.                                    


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Life raft (poetry) By @ Aerobabe619

There is a place filled with sounds.

Trumpets,drums,guitars,all surround.

The songs ,Layered n my head.
When I’m happy they all come around,we party till sundown.

The musicians,voices sleep in my mind.
Sometimes saving me from unkind.
One has a voice so unique,
Dream on,plays in my sleep.

Music is my life raft.
Part of my soul,and when I’m passed.
My kids will carry this on.
As they have been raised singing every song.

And the music will carry on.

Turning 50 ,Why It Is The Best Thing To Happen By Aerobabe619


I thought my friends have lost their minds. Depressed because they are turning 50. I was thrilled. The bullshit is behind me. Kids grown, Yes I wasn’t happy to be a widow and newly disabled with a disease that paralyzed my leg. That sucked. I have been very independent and ran around in high heels,went dancing and walked twenty miles a week. Now I have to find a new me.

But with even all that I made it. I made it and had some great events.Now I have been a widow five years so the dating scene has changed greatly since the last time I was single. We are talking a long time ago.But I have learned so many lessons. I have passions and hobbies. Life can be good,it’s how you approach it. I hate hearing well my best years are over. Why? why are you picking out your casket? Come on there is more now for women than ever.

There are countless things to do,try,and laugh at your self. You love yourself first then you can give the best of yourself. Now is the time to not give a hoot what others think. Unless of course you’re hurting someone or being classless. But the new hairdo or color should be no big deal. High school is long over,the awkward twenties are history.

So go take a class,make wine,dare to wear a bikini. You won’t see those people at the beach again. But most of all repair relationships if possible,try to take a different path,forgive, and go out and make memories, your starting the second half of this game,you’re at second and goal in the third quarter and it’s your Super Bowl. Throw that pass and run. Then do the touchdown dance. ( yes dad I paid attention to all those games).


Verbal Abuse,Bullies Behind The Screen (Poem) By Aerobabe619

The screen pops open and in they walk
Throwing rocks with vulgar talk.
They never touch her,screams not heard.
The verbal damage and violent words.

Worse then punches,black and blues.
They fade away,but those words never do.
She try’s to let it roll off her back.
But after time you start to crack.

Bullies of every kind.
Hide behind screens,using texts and slang.
How is that any different then fist fighting gangs?.

Time we stand and take our words.
Turn them into laws that can be heard.
Maybe if we do it will save some lives.
From the bullies that use words as knives.

Trust, I Build Walls Better Than A Brick Layer. By Aerobabe619


I build walls,I trust few. I’m always looking for the shoe to fall. for someone to have a problem and then there is an uncomfortable way between us. It never fails I asked my therapist with this last bullshit and I was stunned it was not me. It was or is them. I will never second guess myself again ever.

so now I move on with my head held high and the knowledge that some people just are not happy unless they are busy putting their two cents in, so to those that feel I’m a crappy sister or a friend that is to emotional, or a person that likes to let people know what they mean to them. Well then if you can’t be an adult and understand there is a lot you do I don’t like either but I have the respect to keep quiet. I was told not to befriends with this one person who is a great person. just to find out they Are pals now At 50 high school is way the hell over.

Thank you for my girls , my friends that care about me deeply, my Layla, my son in-laws, my significant other ( looks weird writing boyfriend at 50) my fur babies and all those I love and care about. It going to be scary this next year but I’m up to it because I have you all.

You Won A Time Machine.Now What?.By Aerobabe619

Congratulations you won a time machine. Now in this day and age we all would look at the person as if they had two heads. But it’s fifteen years from now and science has moved along greatly and a time machine was developed.

Now it on average is about half a million dollars,so winning one is a big deal.you decide to accept the prize pay Uncle Sam a lot in taxes ( remember not a damn thing is really free),
One Saturday it arrives at your house.here we go you read the contracts and realize you only get one trip per family member that’s it.

Now it is on what are you gonna do? I know the exact day,date,time,what I was wearing the weather of that night. Now it would be heaven and the person who I would send myself to would be happy. There are a couple of issues. My girls would be little again and back in school( they would hire a hit man). And there may never be my son in-laws or the biggest of them all her royal Miss Moonpie baby beans. Layla.

But in all I would still take the risk. I would have to make sure my girls still did what they did the dates they met their guys so all that would fall in place. How are you.? Would you go back? Would the loss of other things or people be too much? Or would you jump in set the date and go back.

Would You Rather Be In A Band Or Artist Now Or The Bands And Artists That Paved The Way?. By Aerobabe619


I’m not any title in the music world. Just a fan. But It does cross my mind. Does an artist in today’s music world miss out on what the artists that paved the way experienced?. Or do they have it were they pay their dues in a different way? Let me explain.

A new band or artist in the early days really experienced every part of the music world from writing a song to the corporate side of it. This is why you read so many autobiographies of an artist that lost his or her fortune.

They did what they were told in the beginning and questioned
little, worked like a dog writing songs,traveling If you were in a group,band splitting the earnings, Booking gigs Creating and everyone agreeing on an album cover .what songs will be played on side A and what songs get cut. Then traveling for the tour doing press and trying to stay alive through it all.

Would you want to be an artist back then or now? Lawyers,laws that are in place that protect a little better than back then. Machines that can fix up your voice your skills . So you don’t sound like five cats with their tails caught under a rocking chair. But oh the feeling of the vinyl albums in your hands and seeing a sea of fans wearing the record art on a shirt.

For me even though when I read the founding musicians books on their early days. Fights, getting ripped off. I would want to be an artist back then. Experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly .

I mean could you imagine “The Doors” or “Aerosmith” on a show like say “We want to be a band”?. Haaaa aha oh my they would have to call 911 The producers and such would be ducking flying furniture every taping of a show.

I’m not saying an artist has it easy today in anyway. Don’t misunderstand it is hard work to be an artist in any decade.
I’m grateful for all the music we have. Look at the way we get to experience concerts now and hear a song.

And everyone has a story.But wow the stories of the artists and the days gone by. I know I’m grateful to have been born when some of the bands were just starting. Anyway you toss it. I’m grateful for all music all artists and all the people that make it so I can lay back ,put my head phones on and hear ” Leather and Lace”.