In The Back Yard By @Aerobabe619

Sitting on my back porch
The activities begin.
My hair wisps lightly
From the sun and the wind.

I watch my backyard just to see
Who is watching back carefully.
In the corner is their favorite spot,
If I sit here everyday,I see them a lot.
Little brown bunnies,wrinkle their nose.
Eating all the clover,as quickly as it grows.

My skin is warming gently from the sun.
Sipping on my diet Pepsi,the fun has just begun.
I put on my music and start to read a book.
One chapter in I take another look.

The tree in my corner,cherry blossom white.
Sways gently as it reaches night.
Dusk is coming and the time in between.
Sun is still shining as it sinks fading.
All the bugs come dancing,around my porch light.
Getting ready for the long night.

I will sit one more hour,as I hate to go in.
Its my time for God and me,to talk from within.
As I finish chatting,my soul begins to heal.
The backyard is my healing place.
A Nirvana I can see is real.