My Last Post (Closing Time For Blogging) By @ Aerobabe619

I have written since about age nine.Sometimes short stories,long dramatic stories,poetry,plays,jingles.I even tried my hand at some television shows.I would get my sister and cousins some times friends and we would tape.Now at this time all I had been was a cassette recorder,so it was all audio.I found a few not to long ago and they were so bad they are hilarious.Especially my broadcasting a football game in a really bad Howard Coeell voice.

I have also written songs,and for a father’s day gift taped with my girls songs from Garth Brooks in Central Park VHS. Oh we are bad,three cats with tails caught,singing away.But we had an absolute fantastic time doing it. I have always enjoyed writing and entertaining my family. My dads 60th birthday I had my daughters at that time ages eleven and six learn the words to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and My Guy.We did a skit of my dad and sang these songs.The girls have grown up to be artistic in many ways,winning awards.Wonderful singers ,they can play musical instruments and as great at teaching my granddaughter how to be into th arts.

But with all this under my belt,the hardest,most gut wrenching writing has been blogging.I started blogging in 2006 as a therapeutic way to deal with my dads death. It was a site called “BlogStream” a very laid back ,early form of a blog community.The backgrounds were few and fonts,etc very rudimentary. But in the beginning the community was wonderful.Very little competitive attitude.We backed each others work.

Eventually it became an advertising spot,or people selling their goods,and Three years later, I decided my journey was over. But I learned and moved on with different interests.Sooner or later the urge to write again started biting and I joined Poetry,com a wonderful site,you write a poem,people judge it ,to publish your poem,you have to judge two.’ I wrote enough to make my Masters badge.

The last three years I have blogged under WordPress.I have met some wonderful people and made friends all over the world.Its time however to focus on other areas of my life and challenge myself.

I wish all the bloggers,authors,poets and writers much success.Thank you for the experience,a lot has been learned.