The Emotion Is You,The Laughter Is Drum Rolls. (Poem) By @ Aerobabe619


Listen,listen to the sound.

it is all around me,I didn’t recognize it.

What can it be?.

Its been such a long time.

Then I realize it’s mine.

The laughter is real, I didn’t think I could feel.

My smiles are just from the thought.

And the cement crumbles,The laughter sounds like drum rolls.

The newest emotions,Eyes sparkle green.

I look through eyes that have cried away dreams.

Now I have the hope,and to think I can cope,

No old habits start,you jumped started my heart.

Every Song has new meaning,every look at the ceiling,

Is no longer of pain,or tears with a constant remain.

Looking at that cracked ceiling,now building life.

It hasn’t been easy,my trust you had to earn.

Searching over every word.

Like a musician starts to learn,playing a new song.

I’m ready to ride along.

And in the end.

Even more my friend,who ever would know.

That the person would be you.

Friends for thirty years.

Shared laughter,family,fears.

Play your music,cause each song  is new.

And the emotion is you.

Life raft (poetry) By @ Aerobabe619

There is a place filled with sounds.

Trumpets,drums,guitars,all surround.

The songs ,Layered n my head.
When I’m happy they all come around,we party till sundown.

The musicians,voices sleep in my mind.
Sometimes saving me from unkind.
One has a voice so unique,
Dream on,plays in my sleep.

Music is my life raft.
Part of my soul,and when I’m passed.
My kids will carry this on.
As they have been raised singing every song.

And the music will carry on.

Giggles,Tiny Hands And Music, By Aerobabe619


She hears the music coming on.
“Mimi play” she toddies along.
I can’t get the song in fast enough.
This is her rock her music her loving stuff.

When she was born illness was in charge.
I felt like this tiny baby was fighting an illness twice as large.
Hooked to tubes ans needles prick,”God why did you make my grand baby sick”?

Oh I was angry, furious ,words I cannot write.
He and I had a screaming fight,,all one-sided .
But I didn’t care I knew he heard me,I knew he was there.

look I said “I have done a lot of things and you made sure I got mine with every swing”
I would watch people I knew do worse , yet it seemed they never pay.
But I guess that’s for you to do on judgement day
I started playing music to soothe baby beans.
And she responded with such energy it was a Mimi’s dream.

Today she has music instruments of every kind.
A signed harmonica by Mr. Tyler that is mine.
Someday will be left to her beautiful hands.
Maybe someday she will start a band.

I know our Lord has forgiven me.
For freaking out and letting me be.
I know he hears me and won’t let me down.

Music is always playing somewhere around.
I know she will be a strong girl.
With music very much in her world.
Fleetwood Mac, Many bands along with
God she has music in her hands .

Thank you GOd for this baby girl.
The music and people that make it
And fill this world!!!

Our Freedom Through Music. (Poem) By @ Aerobabe619

All the notes surround me.
Floating in the air.
Some are almost tranquil.
Take away the pain.
And I hit replay.
Listen to it again.

I have danced and sang.
My children,music babies
From the start.
The sounds of
the music,beating with their hearts.

Van Morrison at dinner.
GNR on the road.
Aerosmith all the time.
Rare music few have heard.

Raising them to be free.
Listen and read.
What makes you feel good.
Not what is right politically.

Hope they carry on this way.
Till they leave their last song.
Because if we cannot be free
To sing our favorite songs.
No use even trying,because then we don’t belong.

The Eighth Of December,”IMAGINE” . By @ Aerobabe619

Hair parted down the middle,wings on both sides.
Age sixteen,clueless to how the world could be so mean.
In the middle of repainting my room.
I hear a television announcement break through.
But the screen can’t be seen.

The eighth of December,a cold winter day.
John Lennon was shot and in a cop car drove away.
I fell to my knees and began to pray.
It was also my sister’s twentieth birthday.

Sitting on the floor listening with pain.
The announcer came back on to talk again.
John was gone,and so was peace.
I no longer was naive.

How,why the questions flew.
But in the end of what we knew.
It didn’t matter the How’s and why’s.
The world had to find a way to say goodbye.

How do you say goodbye to a genius of life.
Who left a son and a wife.
Taken in such a brutal way.
This how I started writing songs that day.

Lined my walkway with candles bright.
Stood,singing “Imagine” on that cold winters night.
The song felt hollow,pain and rage.
Didn’t know how to handle at that age.

Some years later.
As time went by.
To this very day I’ll think back and cry.
What would he have done,or gave more to this world?.

Never knowing is the cruelest of all.
But,still I can listen to his songs again.
I feel like, I’m that age my friend.
Thank you for the gifts you gave this globe.
You will never be forgotten.
You will never be old.

It’s Raining Music Notes . Poetry By@Aerobabe619


No Matter how old

And secure you are.

Saying goodbye can go just to far.

The words make no sense

Nothing makes it right

It’s the start of many painful nights.


How many time have I walked this path.

Sometimes it hurts you gotta laugh.

Reasons,and sorry,your better off

It’s not you, try to make the knife soft.


As an older gal,I should know by now

This pain is not forever,in a few weeks

I’ll be glowing again,and feeling a lot better.


You know the routine,a day in bed.

tissues and the entire relationship

dances in your head.

What went wrong,what went right

we didn’t even have a fight.


I turn on the music to drown out my sobs

Aerosmith,Fleetwood,pink Floyd .and Sledge.

That’s when it all comes pouring out of my head.

Percy,could realy belt his song,and make the night last oh so long.


Music notes float,as my sobs slowly stop.

Next comes the great FOUR TOPS.Follow now with

some upbeat songs, “It’s a heat wave” I’ll play and sway along.

Bring on some disco,the 80’s to ,it’s getting harder to think of you.

90’s i’m belting Alanis Morisette,baby this woman wants to make me forget!

I’m not your play doll,a toy to enjoy.But stupid ass you’re a little boy.


Feeling so much better,along with The pussy cat dolls,

and you will see,their top song.Now is me.

Wish you well,i hope your get all you deserve

And a chance to see.

I’m not destroyed,or broken down.

Not as long as there is music around


So,i say farewell, goodbye it’s all good

And realizing now along what i should.

So go on get going,and listen up.

As far as i’m concerned about you

well…I don’t give a >>>>.





Loving My Life And Other Stories NEW BLOG.By Aerobabe619

Starting now I will be under this blog.Please follow along as I adventure into my second phase of life.Turning 50,the big move,another wedding.The life of a long time PHILLY girl.Moving south,Yes mam,I’m moving to Mississippi. Lots of animals,huge veggie and fruit garden,acres compared to a town house.How will I adjust to all that privacy.

Enjoy the story as we move,as I’m sure this bunch of adult kids,will do something to start chaos.In Mississippi.My future son-in-law,says as we are getting ready to go home ” somebody’s door is open” I reply “Yes Nate,it’s me.I’M NOT EVEN IN THE CAR “!As he starts to pull away.Wonder how he would explain to my daughter,he left her disabled mom,in 90 degree weather in a Lowe’s parking lot .

So,hold onto your hats it should be interesting.I also will be writing posts on music,sports,art and pets.I have a new area called “being yourself”,that will run once a month. AND I PROMISE it won’t have a lot about my granddaughter Layla,but after 8 months of being very sick with kidney issues,she is improving,trying to catch up,so heart warming and some funny.

Hope to see you.
much love.