The Emotion Is You,The Laughter Is Drum Rolls. (Poem) By @ Aerobabe619


Listen,listen to the sound.

it is all around me,I didn’t recognize it.

What can it be?.

Its been such a long time.

Then I realize it’s mine.

The laughter is real, I didn’t think I could feel.

My smiles are just from the thought.

And the cement crumbles,The laughter sounds like drum rolls.

The newest emotions,Eyes sparkle green.

I look through eyes that have cried away dreams.

Now I have the hope,and to think I can cope,

No old habits start,you jumped started my heart.

Every Song has new meaning,every look at the ceiling,

Is no longer of pain,or tears with a constant remain.

Looking at that cracked ceiling,now building life.

It hasn’t been easy,my trust you had to earn.

Searching over every word.

Like a musician starts to learn,playing a new song.

I’m ready to ride along.

And in the end.

Even more my friend,who ever would know.

That the person would be you.

Friends for thirty years.

Shared laughter,family,fears.

Play your music,cause each song  is new.

And the emotion is you.

Nature’s Home (Poem) By @Aerobabe619

Looking out te window in the fields of grass

A pair of ears as antennas rise up very fast

He hears the roar ,the coming of the blades

Has to make it back to the home he has made.

Every species on this earth has to have a home.

So why is humans think we are the only ones that should be left alone?
Birds,mammals,fish all get disturbed.
evicted from their premises without a thought or word.

If this was to happen to one of us
We would have lawyers and media lined up by the bus
What do you think is going to be the result
destruction of our world,cutting our own throats

Sad that our children,grandbabies to.
Will not even know the meaning of a zoo
All they will see is rare animals in books.
Don’t be surprised if they don’t give adults a second look.

Why should they show any respect?.
When their world was ruined by the adults
That didn’t give a heck!
We need to start taking a good look.
Who knows at this rate,We might be the rare ones
In a picture book!

Please make 2015 Your year to start protecting. Our world and all the are on it.

Christmas 1970 (Poem) By @Aerobabe619

liddle kiddlles Liddle Kiddle By Mattel

Christmas 1970-By Cheri Linster

Dad was home for Christmas,the smell of scotch in the air.
He would smoke big cigars and watch football upstairs.
I thought that he was as big as life
Bigger than a grizzly bear.

The Christmas tree was decorated.Always the newest look.
We were making our list for Santa,using the big wish book.
At our school,a Santa helper came to take our list.
She wore a big red smock,you got to choose a pocket.
You either got a chocolate coin or a lollypop.

We handed in our list.Once she put into her bag.
There was no turning back.
Depending how good or bad, and what was on that list.
Determined what had your name in Santas sack.

I asked for Liddle Kiddles,
Dawn dolls and a farm.
Dollhouse furniture and a fire truck that had an alarm.

I loved snoopy and ScoobyDoo.
Etch-A-Sketch, Color forms and Spirograph.
View master reels,pictures all over the world.
Some educational,some made you laugh.

Christmas was the best for me,not just for the toys.
But my dad was home.
That was the greatest present,and until The day God called him
that was enough alone.

I still have my Dawn dolls,Liddle Kiddles to.
My thousands of view-masters,Raggedy Ann and more.
They are all for Layla,to enter Mimi’s world.
To be a little girl in the use your imagination of a 1970’s world

  • Liddle Kiddle Dolls and Extra’s -Mattell
  • Raggedy ANN-Raggedy Ann is a character created by American writer Johnny Gruelle (1880–1938)My  “Raggedy ann doll was manufactured by Knickerbocker Toy Co. 1963-1982, but many companies have manufactured Raggedy-Ann and Andy
  • Dawn Dolls and Extra’s -Topper
  • Scooby Doo and The Scooby Doo Cartoon- Hanna Barrera
  • Snoopy and Peanuts – Snoopy is a cartoon dog in the long-running comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz.
  • ViewMasterReels-

    The first View-Master in the late 1930s wasn’t meant to be children’s toy. A Portland, Oregon, organ-maker and photographer named William Gruber was fascinated with a Victorian optical device known as a stereoscope, which created an illusion of 3-D using two side-by-side photographs. Gruber had the idea to mass-produce a portable stereoscope, using new Kodachrome color film, which could be held in one’s hands. For more information :  is full of information,pictures and guide on collections and this fantastic product i was introduced to by my dad and continue to introduce to my kids and their children.

    Etch-a-Sketch-is a mechanical drawing toy invented by André Cassagnes of France and subsequently manufactured by the Ohio Art Company.[1]The Etch A Sketch was introduced near the peak of the Baby Boom in 1960

    Spirograph-It was developed by British engineer Denys Fisher and first sold in 1965. The name has been a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc., since it bought the Denys Fisher company. The Spirograph brand was relaunched with original product configurations in 2013 by Kahootz Toys.

    Colorforms-Founded in 1951, Colorforms is one of the oldest and best-known brands in the toy industry. It was the very first plastic-based creative toy, and one of the first toys ever advertised on television.

    The original Colorforms sets were assembled by Harry and Pat Kislevitz, themselves, in their New York city apartment. Boxed sets began appearing in the 1950s and featured basic geometric shapes and bright primary colors. The company used the slogan “It’s More Fun To Play The Colorforms Way!” in print ads and television commercials to promote their products.

    The defining feature of most Colorforms play sets is their signature plastic ‘Stick-Ons™’that can be placed and repositioned on top of graphic backgrounds to create endless scenes at a child’s whim. Over time, the Colorforms line has included imaginative play sets, games and puzzles, interactive books and creative activities for young children.

    Since its inception, more than 1 billion Colorforms play sets have been sold


Real Reasons To Give Thanks. Poem By Aerobabe619.

The food is across the table.
The dog lies on the floor.
Waiting for a scrap or two.
Maybe a little more.

The day is of thanks.
Love and gratitude.
So,why do we make it,
About bowls and bowls of food?.

I always thank our Lord.
I made another year.
With my medical conditions.
It is a fear.

Why not thank for a job.
In this economy,
So, as you loosen your belt.
Thank God for the source of money.
You may not have one next time
So make sure your words are kind.

Thank you for your loved ones.
Even those you might not like.
Tomorrow,there just might be no cousin Mike.

Be happy and reflect.
On all you have and own.
It really is the nastiest spending this day alone.

Take some cookies to a friend.
A pie or cake to mom.
Kiss your lover when you wake.
And hold them in your arms.


Just Knock ( Poem) By @ Aerobabe619

holy spirit

Standing at the water’s edge.
I look across the land.
The wind is blowing,tears form
I then feel your hand.
Walking we talk about the pain .
Inside my heart.
I don’t know what way to turn.
I don’t know were to start.

With me,you say a smile so bright.
Lay your troubles at my feet.
I return with a nod,but I’m in much to deep.
Never matters how far you are.
I will answer the door my child.
All you do is knock.I’ll be your refuge,your rock.

Standing at the water’s edge I turn to give my thanks.
All I feel is the wind,blowing across the land.
Knowing all of it is you,as you touched my hand

Would It Not Be ( Poem) By @ Aerobabe619

Would it not be wonderful.
To have no hate or crime.
To see an old man waiting in a line.
To give up your spot,so he could move ahead.
Would it not be wonderful to feel at peace instead.

Would it not be wonderful.
To be alright within.
How we feel about ourselves
Inside our very own skin.
No self loathing.
Beauty is what we see,
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the world did not define me.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful.
To love the one your with.
To look at them everyday as they are a gift.
Not to want someone,just because you can.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to meet a loyal friend.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful.

The Worse Tragedy Of All (Poetry) @ By Aerobabe619

live life

Sitting on a bench, I see the people walk by.
Men with phone to ears,others looking at their watch.
Women faces say it all bouncing in their heads.
A hundred different balls.Dinner,school,dance.
Take the to the dry cleaner all of John’s pants.

Wonder if they saw the three turtles on the log.
The bright red cardinal,or hear the chripping frogs?.
Did they see the different colors all in bloom.
And the leaves changing colors,that will fall down very soon.

I’m wondering in a single given day.
How much time each of you take the chance to play?
Put some earphones on,listen to some new tracks.
Better take it soon,there is no going back.

Try a new food, your dieting again?
I guess you want to be the skinniest in the graveyard.
Well,that’s your business my friend.
Shame you will never taste something full of delight.
But you gave it all up to wear a size 2.
To wear that dress ONE night.

Look all around you,just in your back yard.
I wonder how much you missed.
And how about your marriage?
When was the last time for something unplanned.
And I’m talking more than reaching over in the car and patting her hand.

Taking life for granted
Is a tragedy.
You will regret all you let,slip by carelessly
Live today,and take it all in.
Its never to let to let your life begin.